Thank you for your willingness to volunteer during the Rally 2 End Racism and events surrounding the rally. Below are some volunteer job descriptions to help you decide in what area you might prefer to help. Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page indicating your preference. The team leader for the area you select will contact you in the near future with further details.


Help us get the word out about this historic event! We are in need of volunteers to help disseminate flyers and postcards, post on social media, attend information sessions and mobilize your friends, family, church members and other networks to be a part of the #rally2endracism.

Event Marshal

As a marshal for the event, you will be helping organizers conduct the overall event and ensure the health and safety of participants. Event marshals need to be ready and able to respond to orders given by organizers and law enforcement and be able to work within the chain of command.

Marshals need to have good people skills and attention to detail. The responsibilities of an event marshal will require intense, extended physical activity. Training and instruction will be given in advance of the event.

Duties will depend on your assignment, which may include providing coverage in general areas surrounding the Mall, points of entry to the event, staging areas, nearby transportation hubs, etc.

Hospitality Team

As a member of the hospitality team, you will be greeting event attendees and directing them to the right areas, aiding attendees and guiding those who may be lost or confused. Members of the hospitality team will also help event logistics and programming with ushering attendees to the event site.  Other duties may include working with committee and other event leaders to organize and set up hospitality areas, registration, and information dissemination.

Hospitality team members need to be courteous and personable when dealing with the public. Responsibilities will require moderate to extended physical activity depending on the area of assignment. Orientation will be given in advance of the event.

Media Assistance

We need volunteers who will actively and intentionally post photos and quote on their own social media accounts, using the hashtags provided, following a set of messaging protocols that we will provide on the day of the rally.  These persons will work with Steven Martin, Communications Director.

We need professional photographers who will cover the April 4th events.  Volunteer photographers must use professional gear and should use a wireless-enabled system that can upload photographs to a Google Drive which will be shared with media in real time; photos will need to be made available freely.  Copyright and credit will be given to the photographers individually.

We also need volunteers to assist in communications activities: press relations, hospitality, and general assistance.  Volunteers much have outgoing personalities and a willingness to work hard, even when seemingly unreasonable requests are made.